Mummies unwrapped / discovery

MUMMIES UNWRAPPED is a groundbreaking Discovery  series that uncovers a world of breathtaking archaeological finds, historic mysteries, and global adventure! Hosted by Ramy Romany, Mummies Unwrapped offers an inside look at recently discovered ancient tombs, hidden catacombs, lost cities - and, of course, the mummies that call these secretive places home.  And sometimes his investigations open the door to mysteries beyond anything science can explain.  As a renowned archaeologist and passionate film-maker, Ramy is right in his element with both scientific fieldwork and exotic cultures, bringing to life a journey that is as enlightening, as it is entertaining.

First episode date: April 10, 2019

Network: Discovery



Born and raised in Cairo, Ramy Romany is no stranger to ancient history and culture. The son of respected filmmakers known for their documentaries on Egyptology, he joined the family business at a young age and was thrust into the heart of Egypt’s vibrant archaeological scene. Inspired, he later attended the University of Cairo where he earned a degree in Egyptian history, archaeology, and linguistics. Since graduating, Ramy has continued pursuing his passions for exploration and filmmaking by sharing his knowledge of Egyptian antiquity in over 100 documentaries - groundbreaking work that has garnered him four Emmy Awards.